For years, most people didn’t spend much of their 20’s and 30’s worrying about aging. There wasn’t much talk about what you could do to prevent your skin from aging. Aging was only a serious concern once your first wrinkles started to show up. Today, we know how important it is to start preventing aging early one, years before it shows up on your skin. Even with preventative care, there’s no getting around it. Eventually, time will catch up with you. When you do start to find your skin wrinkling or sagging, nothing you buy at the store will reverse it. To stop aging after it’s started, you’ll need to turn to a cosmetic procedure for help. 

A cosmetic procedure done by a medical professional is the only way to you to truly smooth out your skin and get a youthful appearance. If you’re trying to look like a younger version of yourself, check out these procedures. 

Chemical peels 

If you’re concerned, you’re probably already exfoliating with either a chemical or physical exfoliant. While this is an important part of your regular skincare routine, what you can do on your own isn’t always enough. For even more effective exfoliation, try out a chemical peel. A chemical peel can exfoliate deeper than anything you’d be able to buy in a store. If you’re just getting beginning to get wrinkles, this can help keep your skin smooth longer. It’s also the ideal treatment for people with pigmentation problems. Years of sun exposure can take its toll on skin and give us sunspots that make us look even older than we are, this will help lighten them. This also has the advantage of being a quick, non-invasive, low-risk procedure that has noticeable results. 

Dermal fillers

When you age, your skin stops producing the same amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid that it used to. Skin needs these to remain full and bouncy. As these decrease, your skin doesn’t have the same amount of volume that it used to. This will result is wrinkles, sagging, and hollowness. To get back that volume, ask about a dermal filler that works for you. These will plump up your skin to give you a more youthful look. Many of these fillers use hyaluronic acid that will eventually be absorbed, so they’re only temporary. Some other fillers might stimulate the skin to produce more collagen on its own, making you look younger over time. 

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Brow lift

A commonplace for people to get the full experience of aging is around their brow. One major issue with sagging skin around the brow is that it can give people the wrong impression of how you feel. When your brow sags, it can make you look angry or tired. There’s no way to get around this, and it will look this way even when you’re happy and alert. If this is a problem area for you, consider a brow lift. This will raise the skin up to where it should be and gets rid of excess sagging. 


An injectable different than dermal fillers is the famous botox injection. Many wrinkles are caused by facial movements. This is how we get wrinkles named things like laugh lines and frown lines. Over time, these normal movements will cause the skin to wrinkle. Botox relaxes the movements so that the wrinkles will soften themselves. Wrinkles caused by muscle movements can become very obvious and everyone deals with them, so these injections can make a big impact. Getting Botox at a younger age can also prevent deeper wrinkles from forming. 


If you’re looking to smooth out your whole face long term, you’ll need more invasive surgery. To fix wrinkles and sagging all over the face, you should consider getting a facelift. A facelift pulls all the skin to tighten it, smooths it out, and gets rid of any excess skin. This works even for skin that’s showing significant signs of aging. While some procedures only produce mild to moderate results that can fade away, a facelift is drastic and lasts years longer. If you’re willing to have a more intense surgery done, a facelift can be everything you’ve been looking for to turn back the clock.