Before investing $250 above money on any Jacket, behold and think. Does it worth it? Are you wasting your money on something that won’t serve you? Are you buying the perfect one for you? 

These are the common questions when buying any jacket that costs high. You have to keep in mind that there are different types of jackets and their materials are also different. You cannot go for anyone without thinking. 

The most common jackets in the market are the Down Jackets and the Parka Jackets. We will show you how to pick the right one for you that won’t disappoint you! Let’s get in –  

Down Jackets Buyers Guide

Buyers are often confused if the Down jackets worth the hype or not. You can never deny that these jackets are the most popular among the market and people crave to buy them because they get quality in them. These are great for the harsh winters. These are usually made with feathers of goose or duck that are soft. If the jacket is fluffy, you will catch less cold. 

Now, before you buy down jackets, follow our tips and tricks that can make your work easy. 

Fill Power is the Main

As we have already mentioned, fluffiness is very important. The fluffiness of the jacket is described in numbers and that is called the fill power of a jacket. This might get a little tough to understand. In easier terms, the cubic inches are the fill power of the jacket. The more the fill power, the warmer it would be! 

If you get a down jacket that has a fill power around then you can say that it a good jacket. If you find something that has more than 750 fill power then it will be the best one. 

Weight also Matters

When we are talking about down jackets, we cannot deny the importance of weight. Now, weight varies from person to person, gender to gender and requirements to requirements. When you buy a down jacket for a man, you can try something that has a heavyweight. 

For the women, the weight must be adequate so that she can bear that. On the other hand, if you are going to use the jacket for any travel purpose or outdoor activities then go for a lightweight jacket. Try to find something light yet keep in mind that they should be warm enough to wear. 

Material, Design, and Features

Material and construction of down jackets are important too. The exterior and interior, both materials should be sturdy and durable. Gore-Tex is very much popular for the exterior of any down jacket. If you want something durable, you can have faith in polyester and nylon. 

When it comes to construction and design, check the compartments properly. Take a look at the size of your jacket too. Features like zipper facility, adjustable hems, pockets, hoods, etc are also important here. According to Brands are also imperative here and so we see reviews of Triple FAT Goose and Canada goose competing with each other to serve you a better jacket. 

Parka Jackets Buyers Guide 

Parkas are great and also help in lessening the additional accessories like gloves, hoods, etc. These are not designed for outdoor activities. Go for this if you live in an extremely cold place but do not engage in any outdoor activities. 

Let us know what to keep in mind when buying Parka Jackets. 

Insulation requires Attention

If you want something lighter than down jackets, get a Parka jacket. This sort of jackets weighs less as these are made of synthetic. These are very much warm if you select them according to the insulation or fill power. The material is also important here. 

Length is Vital

Parks are long and so you get the opportunity to choose options regarding the waist length of your Parka. If you are tall, get one that is long enough for you. Short people should go for short jackets. 

Material, Design, and Features

These are not used for the rain or snow and so Parkas are not usually resistant to water. Some Parkas are made of nylon and so they are waterproof. Some electrical parkas are waterproof too. Select them according to your requirements. 

Parkas usually come with hoods and they are adjustable. Watch out he pockets and compartments before you buy. For hoods, you can keep an eye on the material of the hood too. 

In excessive low temperature or for the outdoor activities, down jackets are preferred. We prefer Parkas to places where there is extreme cold and you need long jackets. Follow our tips to get the best one for you!