Endless massages, liters of spent fat burning cream, regular visits to the cosmetologist for beauty injections – all this in order to eliminate this annoying flaw the “second chin”.

Important!  Perform exercises from the second chin should be regular. The option “I can’t find a minute today, I’ll work out tomorrow for half an hour right away – for the whole week” will not please you with the result.

Facial gymnastics requires not a special resource, nor a lot of time.

You can engage in fitness anywhere and whenever convenient. Even a cork fit, just pick up exercises that do not look double, otherwise the driver from the car in the next row will want to cut you off, thinking that you are showing him the language. 😛

Exercises against the second chin at home are very simple.


  1. Your face.
  2. Your hands.
  3. Lack of strangers in the room.
  4. You will need a bed.

What exercises helps to remove the second chin?

Following are top 10 simple and effective exercises t to get rid from the second chin.

Exercise 1. Warm up

  • Stand up or sit upright, keep your head straight.
  • Gently, feeling each muscle, begin to make the lower jaw movements back and forth.
  • Repeat 10-15 times.

Exercise 2. Pressure

  • Stand up straight, keep your head straight.
  • Throw your head back as if you are looking at the sky.
  • Press the tongue against the palate with maximum force. Hold for a few seconds.
  • Lower your head without ceasing to put your tongue on the palate.
  • Repeat 10-15 times.

Exercise 3. Above!

  • Stand up or sit upright, keep your head straight.
  • Place your chin on the back of the palm of your hand to lock it in place.
  • Relax your lips. Stick your tongue out as if trying to reach the top of your head.
  • Hold this position for 15-30 seconds.
  • Return to starting position.
  • Repeat 10-15 times.

Exercise 4. Down with your cheeks!

  • Stand up straight, turn your head to the side. You can start with both left and right.
  • With an effort, push the lower jaw forward, linger in this position for a few seconds.
  • Take a starting position.
  • Repeat 5-10 times on each side.

Exercise 5. Say “Cheese”

  • Stand up or sit upright, keep your head straight.
  • Stretch the corners of the mouth to the ears as much as possible, grip your teeth harder. You should get a kind of smile in all 32 teeth.
  • Continue to “smile,” while at the same time push the tongue with all your strength into the palate. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat 7-10 times.

Exercise 6. Kiss the giant

  • Stand up straight. Throw your head back as if you are looking at the sky (or at a giant).
  • Squeeze your lips into a tube, as if you are going to kiss someone.
  • Hold this position for 5-10 seconds.
  • Return to starting position.
  • Repeat 5-10 times.

Exercise 7. Press

  • Stand up straight, keep your head straight.
  • Put your fists together, put your chin on them.
  • Begin to force the chin on the fists, and the fists on the chin.
  • Hold this position for 10−20 seconds.
  • Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 8. Bodyflex for the second chin

One exercise = lack of a second chin after a week of daily training!

  • Stand up straight, put your hands on your knees. Keep your back straight!
  • Take a few deep breaths, at the last – hold your breath, draw in your stomach, straighten up.
  • Keeping this position, get your hands behind your back, as if you are going to jump into the water.
  • Fold your lips in a tube, push the lower jaw forward, tilt your head up.
  • Reach a few seconds. You should feel the tension in your neck muscles.
  • Take a starting position.
  • Repeat 5-7 times.

Exercise 9. Become charged!

This small morning exercises for the second chin in two weeks will please you with a clear contour of the face.

  • Stand up straight, keep your head straight.
  • Raise your head up, craning your neck – feel like a swan.
  • Keeping your position, begin to push the lower jaw forward.
  • Make 15-10 movements.
  • Pull your chin to the highest point. Lock position
  • Press firmly on the palm under the collarbone.
  • Slowly lower and raise your head, feeling tension in the neck muscles. Repeat 10 times.
  • Repeat the exercise every morning.

Exercise 10. Look at the sun

  • Lie on a bed or sofa so that your head hangs from the edge. The shoulders should remain on the surface of the bed.
  • Slowly raise your head, trying to reach your chin up to the collarbone.
  • Also slowly lower your head to its original position. You should feel tension in the neck and second chin.
  • Repeat 10-15 times.

These exercises are really simple and very effective. It’s not necessary to complete all 10 exercises – choose the 2–3 that you like best and do them every day.