“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

Coco Chanel set some real goals for women out there. But some ladies got the meaning of classy all wrong. You can even rock a solid color basic T-shirt with class. You just need to have some worthy styling tips in your bag along with all the make-up that you carry around. While it is true that not everyone is born with a good styling sense, the fact that you can learn this art is also correct. Almost all of us have access to Internet facilities. So, make good use of it, watch online tutorials, and get styling tips from the pros. In case you are not sure of an ISP in your area, searching ‘Cox near me,’ will help you find the nearest.

The point is that everything is available online these days. However, if watching tutorials is not your cup of tea, here are a couple of styling tips from us to you.

Three Key Pieces

If you wish you rock every look that you carry, like LITERALLY every look, have these three key pieces of accessories. You will be amazed to see that these three accessories have the power to make any and every look stylish. You do not have to invest in expensive ones either. Without creating more curiosity around the topic, here are the three essentials:

  • Sunglasses
  • Leather bag
  • Smart pair of shoes

The list alone is not enough to help you. You need further details. So, here goes. Prefer buying a classical pair of shades in black. Black looks chicer than brown. Coming to the leather handbag, no rule exists. As long as you are choosing between a black and a brown one. Orange is a complete NO, please. You get my point, don’t you? Last we discuss the smart pair of shoes. For a lot of people, smart is not comfortable. But smart does not mean that it should hurt. Comfortable is the new smart. Therefore, invest in a couple of pairs of shoes that are as smart as they are comfortable.

The Right Undergarments

Yes, they matter way more than you think. If you believe that your lingerie hides under your clothes and no one can see it, what do you have to say about the visible panty lines? Clearly, people can see it without seeing it. Does that make sense? The point is that you should view yourself in the mirror from top till the bottom, left and right before you head out. When doing so, make sure that the lights are flooding on you. Because a visible panty line or a bad bra is so unattractive under those attractive clothes.

Fashion Emergency Kit

You should keep a fashion emergency kit with you at all times. For… well, minor fashion tips. Because the most stylish women are always prepared to deal with any emergency. Whether it’s a stain or a blister by your sandals, stylish women know how to handle it with STYLE!

Solid Neutrals- Your New Best Friend

Always have neutral solids in your wardrobe. Of course, the bold patterns with all their oomph can be very chic But at times one does not wish to sport that look. For moments like these, there are certain colors that you should always have. The basics include colors like white, black, beige, navy blue, gray and cream. You can always get these basic T-shirts and accessorize them with chunky jewelry or a funky bag. It takes the least amount of effort to carry this look.

The Perfect Fit

Many women mistake ‘fit’ for something that exposes each part of their body. They think that a piece of clothing that kisses their skin just like Kim Kardashian’s latex dress is the way to be. WRONG. The perfect fit refers to clothing that reveals your figure yet not revealing too much either. For example, classic trousers are straight and faintly boot cut. The right side of a skirt to look classy should be slightly below your knees. Just like a dress. Apart from that, blazers and sweaters should follow the curve of your waist.

Women’s linen clothing will always be money well spent. The quality of the fabric and the comfort it brings, especially in the summer, is simply unmatched. Linen dresses are not just superb at controlling the moisture and keeping your body cool, but also exceptional at emphasizing natural, feminine beauty.

Easy on the Accessories

Never go too overboard with the accessories. Too many accessories are not chic at all. It gives the impression that you did not have any other event coming up anytime soon. So, you took this opportunity to display every accessory you have. You do not want to come across as someone who is an accessory shop. Les is more. Less is classy when it comes to accessories. If you are wearing a pair of chunky earrings, then do not wear an equally chunky neckpiece.

Own a Shade of Red Lip Color

You are a better judge of the shade of red that suits you the best. Therefore, invest in one and rock a red lip color look with minimum make-up otherwise. Nothing looks more classy and tempting than red lips.

Dress According to the Occasion

You should always dress according to the occasion. Nothing puts off other people than someone who is overdressed or underdressed. Be aware of the dress code and the type of event that you are about to go to. And the dress accordingly. Do not let your excitement fool you into dressing way too much.

A Light Scarf

Invest in one or two or more than two scarves. Apart from looking chic, they give you a very rich look. People are sure to go ‘wow’ when you wrap a scarf around your neck. Or you wear it the Audrey Hepburn style.

Focus on Your Hairstyles

Never underestimate the power of hairstyles. If you style your hair the same way every day, it will give you a boring look. Apart from that, you won’t come across as someone who is classy. I am not saying that you go for those bridal hair looks. Search for online tutorials for some simple and easy DIY hairstyles.

Hope this blog helps you to style yourself better.