You might have seen stuff trending on social media.  Trends keep changing. You may see something when scrolling down your social media feeds. One day it may be a regular thing, the next it is a trend.

One thing that you have been seeing constantly is “Khaani” and “Mir Hadi”. Even if there is something that you can not even remotely relate to what “Khaani” is about. It may be about food, you would see “Khaani”. You might be seeing something political, you see “Khaani”. If I would say this is the story of Khani’s stand up as a sister for justice for his brother and the downfall of Mir Hadi’s arrogance then there is nothing wrong with it.

“Khaani” The story

“Khaani” is basically the story of a girl with the name Sanam Ali Khan, who, in short, was called Khaani. The show starts with the preparations of the birthday of Khaani and her brother, Sarim. Sarim is about to graduate but is killed by Mir Hadi.

Khaani and her family file a case against Mir Hadi and he forces her and her family to drop the charges on him. Khaani stands up to Mir Hadi and he is surprised by this and ends up falling for her. Mir Hadi starts to send anonymous gifts to Khaani. Without really knowing who this anonymous lover is, Khaani starts to like him.

On finding out that Mir Hadi was the one sending gifts to her, she holds back her feeling and let go.

Mir Hadi wants to marry Khaani and she refuses. He forcefully gets engaged to her. Due to this, Khaani and her family move away. Mir Hadi looks for Khaani but fails to find her.

Mir Hadi then comes to know that Khaani is marrying her boss, Arham, and kidnaps her on her wedding day. He lets her go when she asks him to. But the deed was done and when Arham’s family finds out about the kidnapping and they start doubting her purity. Khaani leaves the house of her in-laws without telling anyone.

The downfall of Mir Hadi

Mir Hadi is depressed because he knows Khaani would not be able to love him back. He wants to know the reason behind his feelings and starts being more of a spiritual being. He builds a Sufi shrine and starts living there on finding peace there.

Mir Hadi does not want to come back home as it scares him. Hadi starts to get spiritual visions in the form of a woman.

Arham finds Khaani and makes her come back home, where they decide that they want Sarim’s case reopened to get justice and have both Mir Hadi and his father imprisoned.

Khaani and Arham, both do not know that Mir Hadi is a changed man and spreads love everywhere. Hadi’s father, Mir Shah does all that was in his power to make the charges go away but Mir Hadi himself accepts the charges and is gives a death sentence and his father commits suicide because he was ashamed of the verdict and could not really live with the humiliation.

Hadi’s mother tries to get Khaani to forgive him but she does not. Mir Hadi is given a last wish and he wishes to meet Khaani. She meets him an hour before he is to be killed and forgives him, which also takes off the death penalty. She also wishes for him to live and suffer and not die with ease.

What is up with “Khaani”?

The plot has a lot of issues that the general public cannot possibly deal with. The first thing that needs attention is the fact that why on earth would someone fall for an anonymous person who sends us letters and stuff when there is all this tension about the murder of a twin brother.

Mir Hadi was an arrogant rich snob, who did not have any issues with shooting a human but when he found out why a girl did not love him back, he went into depression.

The last episode

The last episode is said to be taken over by Mir Hadi and his mother, who truly portrayed what it felt to be the mother of a son who was sentenced to die.

The popular opinion was that people did not want Khaani and Mir Hadi to be together in the end as it would be stupid and wrong on so many levels, not to mention unrealistic and very far from reality.

In the end, Khaani let Mir Hadi live and suffer the consequences of his action. He lived his remaining life with simplicity and spend his days in the ways of Allah, which shows that humans have a tendency to go to their creator when in need.

The ending, although it took a lot of time to reach it, satisfied the viewers and did not make “Khaani” go down into the history of Pakistani Drama as a badly ended drama.

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