When you hear the word diamonds, you immediately think of big jewelry stores in luxury areas. Most people buy engagement rings from big brands, but did you know that there is only one big difference between them and other jewelry sellers?

The answer is quality control. Big brands are highly rated because they put so much thought into their branding and marketing. However, the real best-selling service here is their attention to detail and quality.

If you want to buy a piece of jewelry, whether it’s engagement rings or a set of jewelry, you can buy it from any accredited store as long as you know how to look at the quality of the product as well as the diamond.

Choosing a Piece of Jewelry

First, you need to decide which jewelry you will buy. If you are on a random shopping trip, you can decide at the store. If you’re shopping online, it’s best to look at all your options.

Rings These items are the easiest piece of jewelry to choose. Everyone can wear a ring – even just one will make a huge difference to your overall aesthetic.

Bracelets For bracelets, it’s nicer to get three or more for stacking. It’s the latest trend in bracelets, making it a versatile jewelry piece you can mix and match.

Necklaces This type of jewelry is more suited for occasions such as gift-giving or accentuating an outfit.

Earrings For fans, they put their earrings into two categories. Daily jewelry pieces and special occasion pieces. The former has a wide of variety of choices, while the latter usually requires careful consideration.

Once you decide on a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or the whole set, it’s time to check the quality.

This can be difficult for online stores as you don’t have access to the merchandise. For now, let’s discuss how you can do that at a physical store.

How to Check Jewelry Quality?

Before going to a store, check that they are accredited to sell gems. Stores that don’t have that accreditation are usually re-seller, which makes it more difficult to ensure that you are getting ethically sourced and quality pieces.

Next, learn what kind of precious metal you want. Gold and platinum are the most expensive right now. However, white gold, rose gold, silver, and other metals are just as great for jewelry pieces. To check the quality of the metal, hold it up against the light. Polished metals that look the same have a different glimmer than fake ones. Real metal almost reflects your surroundings clearly.

Then, you should decide whether you want gems or not. In this case, if you are choosing a diamond, decide on clarity, color, and cut. The same goes for other gems. Real diamonds have little to no disturbances inside. You can ask the jeweler for a loupe, a device that lets you look closer at the gems. Color can be compared side by side with other gems or diamonds.


Choose the style that you like the most. This is where the fun begins. You can shop around and try to see which one looks best. For bigger pieces, use your imagination. Now that you know what you want, enjoy shopping for your next jewelry piece.