Sometimes, you encounter this feeling; that your style isn’t unique enough, and perhaps you need to change things. As a dress enthusiast, you could be asking yourself where to begin. Choosing the precise dresses that best suits your body type, and expresses your style of clothing could be a real challenge. Many people trail the fashion tendencies over and again without even experiencing the tranquility on those dresses or clothes. Choose the dress that suits your body style and rock!

The most important idea here is that your objective should be to do your best and select a style that suits your character while considering fashion. Besides, your body shape candidly matters when choosing the dress to wear.

Besides, it’s prudent not to opt for the latest fashion trend without choosing what looks great on us. You could be attending a special event anytime, therefore; ensuring that your appearance is excellent in what you wear could make you comfortable. Additionally, when choosing a dress, we often find ourselves hopping from shop to another; this is because we aren’t sure of what we are seeking. Understanding your body type makes you find your perfect dress easily; it will also save you time when picking other items.

It doesn’t matter how elegant a dress is made; you can’t achieve the effect you require if your option doesn’t suit your body type. There’s that friend or colleague who looks good in a specific dress, but that doesn’t mean it will work on you; body types vary.

Here are bulletproof tips you shouldn’t ignore before you even think of choosing a dress; proceed through and understand how to choose the dress that suits your style:

  1. Determine your body structure. Is this dress perfect for your body? Recognize your body’s requirements and pick the best fashion that will be excellent and comfortable on you.
  2. Discover your color. Go for the color you like and that which matches your skin, a color combination that suits you.
  3. Select your preferred favorite style. Don’t get confused with the latest styles and fashion trends. Choose a style that’s most suitable for you; and what you love. With various styles in your mind, you can select the right outfit.
  4. Organize your wardrobe. If your closet isn’t organized, you’ll find yourself wearing dresses that don’t fit you over and again. Keep those that are seamless for you in style, color, and looks. The rest, you can give away.

Conclusively, you can choose elegant accessories that look idyllic with your dresses.

Choosing the Dress that Suits Your Style

Women are created differently, and everyone has their body type. Here are four main body types:

  • Hourglass
  • Circle/Apple
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle

Hourglass Body Shape

This body shape is a dream of every woman; having a narrow waist, full hips and a beautiful chest could offer a fantastic shape. With this shape, it demonstrates that everything is proportional. If this is you, a wrap-around dress will look awesome. Additionally, a sheath dress is perfect for this shape; it will demonstrate your best features while drawing attention to the slimmer waist.  Those with long, lean, and athletic body shapes can also rock this dress style since it adds the exterior of the curves.

On the contrary, boxy style dress, tunics, doll dresses and oversized cardigans aren’t ideal for any hourglass woman.

Circle/Apple Shape

Any woman with this body type/ shape has got a more extensive and high waistline. Besides, they’ve got narrow ankles and wrists; which is why the apple shapes. If you have this body shape, you can choose from quite a numbers of dress styles including:

  • Fit &flare: it creates a more distinct waistline
  • Wrap dress: this style creates a natural waist while highlighting the bust.

Correspondingly, it creates a balancing upshot on your entire silhouette; the knee length makes it idyllic for all-time styling.

Rectangle Shape

This shape is due to the undefined waist; it means you don’t possess many curves. Hips and shoulders are almost of similar width, the bust being small-average, and the bottom is mostly flat (generally almost masculine)

A shift dress is perfect if you have this body shape; the dress is rectangular, and it’s designed to offer comfort. This makes it great for work since most workplaces aren’t style-conscious. Moreover, if you don’t have a waist, just avoid belts. Typically rectangular dresses are not designed for belts.

Triangle shape

If you have a triangle-shaped body, it means you’ve got small shoulders and a full waist; while the lower body being fuller. When looking for a dress, it’s sensible to pick separates for you to find a perfect one that goes well with your top and bottom. Choose dresses that are light at the top and dark at the bottom, and avoid dresses that are made of silk.

A trapeze dress would be perfect on you; an A-line fitted through the waist. When laid flat, you’ll notice that the dress looks like a triangle; it works wonders for long and lean shapes. Besides, curvier women and girls can also try trapeze, although they can lock out some of their excellent features. Additionally, trapeze is idyllic if you want to add the look of curves.

Know Your Length

Finding out your length isn’t a difficult task like the latter; choose dress-lengths that you are comfortable with. Besides, you can select from mini measures, knee-lengths to maxi; this is as per your choice. A maxi dress length nonetheless would look awesome on every body type, and it’s one of the most comfortable styles.

Importantly, for you to find a dress that suits your style, understand that the whole idea is on your waist. Defining where and how the dress waist hits will help you a lot.

To conclude, there are many other options, but the leading shapes are those mentioned above. That means you should have at least two of these styles in your apparel

Consequently, hem length and style combo are two other things you should note. The duo should best flatter your figure as well as your lifestyle. Moreover, be sure to inform your stylist (if you have one) about your perfect dress features.

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