Nothing is more fun than having a wild party at home with your best friends and colleagues. But are you really ready to face the consequences of a wild party? Party might be fun but nothing is tougher than cleaning up the dirt and debris of the house after that. 

You will surely agree than cleaning is not a fun-task for you. Especially after a huge gathering, there are a lot more to do than regular cleaning. Hold on, amigos! 

We are here to make your task easier and better! Yes, we will suggest the best procedure for cleaning your house after a wild party. 

Just follow our steps and cleaning will be FUN to you from now on! 

Steps for Cleaning House

Kitchen Cleaning

Cooking delicious food for your friends will always make you happy. But the process of making food will also make the kitchen dirty. You will surely face difficulties in cleaning the dishes and worktops. So, we never recommend you keeping the dishes for the next day! 

You should get your dishwasher liquid and clean all the dishes as soon as possible. Tell your partner to help you with this. If you want to keep the pile of the dishwasher for the next day (if you do not have any option) then you have to pour some water in every dish. 

Social Area Cleaning

The messiest place in the whole house after a wild party is your living room. Your dining room will also get dirty. You will see the presents and followers here and there. If you search, you will get parts of food fallen on the ground. The dishes will be kept here and there too. 

In this case, you have to pick up all the visible debris like parts of food, dishes and presents from the ground. Now, keep those away and clean the couches and the floor. If you have rugs in your house, clean that properly. 

Bathroom Cleaning

After the guests leave, you have to clean your bathroom too. Yes, there are people who will think that this is not necessary but trust us; the bathroom carries 70% germs of your house. The guests will surely visit your bathroom while doing party. You cannot stop them from using your bathroom. 

The only thing you can do is to clean the bathroom up for a tidy house. First of all, clean the curtain of the washroom. Fabric curtains can easily be washed in the machine. Scrub it properly if the shower screen of the bathroom is made of glass. 

Clean the toilet too. In this process, you have to use a high-grade disinfectant cleaner. This will ensure that your washroom does not carry any germs from the guests. 

Pet Owners Cautions

Pet owners will face more difficulties than any other person because they have to clean the dirt and debris along with the hair of their pets. Long hair can mess your house up. These hairs will get into the food and other places. Rugs get excessive dirty when you have a pet in your house. 

George from wrote a great piece of guide on long hair vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair. When you party hard, your friends will leave hair on the ground whole dancing and moving. Vacuum cleaner for long hair is the best option to go for when it comes to cleaning pet hair.

Tips for Cleaning House after Party

  • Do not go for multi-tasking. This will ruin up everything. You have to try to clean the rooms of your house one by one. You cannot clean half of a room and jump into the next. Go for the social spaces first and then settle for the kitchen. Keep the bathroom as the last part of cleaning. 
  • While cleaning, pair-up with the favorite member of your family. Tell your partner to help you out in your work. You can guide your children to help you with the cleaning work too. Tell them to do the light tasks so that you can save your energy. 
  • Do not leave things for the next day. This will unnecessarily pressurize up. Clean up as much as you can. 
  • Wash the bathroom last and after that, take a bath.

Wrap Up

When cleaning is not an easy task, you can take the help of others. They say unity is strength and if you take the help of your family in the work, the work will get easier. 

In this case, teach your children to help you if they can. To make your work simple, you can go for vacuum cleaners. These will reduce your work to half. If you can afford then go for Robot Vacuum cleaners. It will do your work and you will never need to worry!