There are plenty of tips on how to remove age and facial wrinkles around the lips. Someone prefers homemade remedies, someone practicing special physical exercises and gymnastics of the facial muscles, some trusted the doctors. On the features of the most popular ways to combat wrinkles around the lips will discuss in this article.

But first, let us name the causes of the appearance of age and facial wrinkles. The dermis layer is elastic, contains hyaluronic acid, as well as collagen fibers, which contribute to the rapid recovery of damage. However, over the years, the synthesis of these elements by the body weakens, the skin dries out and becomes extremely sensitive. It could because of the negative influence of a polluted environment typical of modern cities, results in the formation of wrinkles around the lips, which can sometimes be difficult to remove. Stay in touch to this blog and get to know what important things you need to do for removing wrinkles around lips

Through Homemade remedies

Since one of the main causes of aging of the dermis is the loss of moisture, the most common are traditional methods for its artificial moisturizing. The most straightforward and most accessible among them, known for centuries, is the use of cucumber-based lotions. Such drugs in many are available on the market, but you can cook them at home.

An equally popular method that helps remove wrinkles around the lips is to use aloe vera. The hard pulp of this plant is crushed into porridge, after which the resulting mass is poured into boiling water for several minutes. After that, the finished solution of aloe is filtered and applied in the form of a mask on the face for no more than half an hour.

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Through exercise

Facebook is an effective method, especially if it is combined with regular use of moisturizing masks. It is good because it does not need a lot of time, classes take no more than ten minutes a day.

The simplest type of gymnastics is rubbing the corners of the lips and the area of the nasolabial folds with an ice cube. The cold relaxes and tones the muscles, but the procedure should be carried out only on perfectly clean skin.

Gymnastics will help remove wrinkles with the help of fingers – stretching the skin, massage around the lips with the help of depressing movements. They are made approaches (several dozen times a day) for 10-20 seconds. You can also practice the special breathing exercises – actively inflate the cheeks, then with the effort to roll the balloon from one edge of the mouth to the other.

Through Surgical procedures

Wrinkles around the lips are removed and with the help of medical intervention. Fortunately, such methods are not so dangerous, often limited to point injections under the skin of drugs that improve metabolism, contribute to the production of hyaluronic acid. Contour plastics among them play a unique role since it is completely safe and effective. Under local anesthesia, a special gel is introduced into the area around the lips, the base of which is that hyaluronic acid. The folds disappear almost fully, the procedure itself lasts about half an hour, but it must be repeated every six months or once in a year.

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As you can see, there are many opportunities to remove mimic and age wrinkles around the lips – from simple to those associated with surgery. It is worth noting that resorting to the help of doctors is an extreme option, and at a young age, it is better not to contact him.