Winters are approaching us, and we know this is a season in which skin related problems got serious and become one of the severe issues for people especially for ladies. In this season skin begin to be dry and when it comes to lips it is most affected part of the body. People may have to face trouble when their lips are damaged or dried due to the cold wind that surely marks winter season is not suitable for lips.

Lips need more care and attention in wintertime. Having cracks on lips give not only pain but also the main beauty concern. The dullness of lips is not only because of the cold wind but sometimes nutritional deficiency also results in damage of lips. We should eat up a healthy diet and have plenty of water. Fruits, vegetables also moisturizes and nourishes lips.

In this blog, we are going to share some Lip care routine tips for winters that help to maintain your rosy lips in wintertime. Check this out and let us know what was preferable for you in this weather.

Use lip balms

Different types and flavors are available for lip balms. You can carry lip balm with you in a bag and easy to use it every time anywhere. By using ointments in casual, it gives a glossy look to your lips. Use lip balms which contain shea butter and cocoa butter because these ingredients help in moisturizing your lips. You can buy lip balm or can make it at home it’s up to you. Homemade lip balm is not a big deal.  You can easily make it at home by using natural waxes, soft butter, natural colors, and scents. Vitamin E is a moisturizing agent which is used in balms. Lip balm is used at any time but the best time for use it in the night. Add lip balm in your night routine.

lip balms

Use honey

 Honey is a good moisturizer for cracked lips and one of the important Lip care routine tips for winters. Using honey is a common remedy for cracked and dry lips. It moisturizes and heals the pain of lips. Honey has hygienic properties that help to prevent infections. Apply little bit amount of honey with your finger or put it on a cotton swab in the night before going to sleep so that honey can work while you sleep.


Use vitamin B in diet

Do you know deficiency of vitamin B can also cause of dry lips ?.we should use vitamin D in our diet to increase the level of vitamin B.  We can get vitamin B through milk, eggs, red meat etc. In this way, you will keep your lips healthy.

vitamin B

Use milk cream

 Another natural remedy for damage lips is milk cream. It is a traditional way of healing lips from cracks and also relief from pain. In wintertime, lips begin to dry and use of milk cream is a good tip to nourish and moisturize the lips. For glossy lips, mix milk cream in rose water and apply a thin layer on lips before going to sleep. Soon you will start seeing a recovery.

Milk cream

Homemade lip scrub

 I have many recipes for homemade lip scrubs that help you in wintertime to heal pain and cracks of your lips.

Scrub 1

  • 2 T brown sugar
  • ½ T avocado oil
  • ½ T raw honey
  • ½ t organic cinnamon powder

Mix it well and apply on lips daily before going to sleep.

Scrub 2

  • Petroleum jelly vaseline
  • Sugar

Take little amount of sugar and Vaseline mix them well. Apply this scrub onto your lips and massage. Let me tell you one more important thing is don’t mage harshly on lips because Vaseline contains lubricant substances that will tear out your lips. Do the scrub twice in a day before dryness goes away. This scrub is cost effective. I don’t believe in expensive products that are just a wastage of money. After using this scrub you would see a major change in your lips. Wipe off the sugar from lips with a cotton swab and apply lip balm on lips. It will help in moisten your lips.

Scrub 3

  • 2-3 T of sugar
  • 8 drops of rose water
  • 4-5 chopped mint leaves
  • 1/3 t of honey

Mix all the ingredients together and save it in a sanitized container. Apply this scrub on lips and exfoliate with your finger or brush. Rinse scrub and use moisturizer after the overall procedure. You can also save it for a week.

Scrub 4

  • Lemon
  • 2 T Sea salt
  • 4 T Coconut oil
  • Mixing bowl
  • Jar

First of all peel a lime then mixes all the ingredients in mixing bowl. You can add more salt if scrub seems too thin. Now save scrub into a jar and keep refrigerated. If you feel your lips are getting dull and damaged then don’t need to be worry apply this remedy and you will see betterment in lips.

Lip scrubs

Avoid licking and biting

I personally noticed that some of us addicted to biting their lips which is not a good habit. It should be avoided because it can cause cracks or bleeding. So you need to get rid of this churlish habit. Carry a chapstick, balm or lip scrub with you to rescue your lips.

chapped lips

As above I  tried to reveal some Lip care routine tips for winters that increase the beauty of glossy lips. So, girls, you don’t need to be worry just take care of your lips by using scrubs and instructions that are mentioned in this blog.  Only three things are essential to keep yourself hydrated, avoid lip biting, use balms regularly or scrubs especially before going to sleep. It will help in the nourishment of your lips and within one week your damaged lips will turn into smooth glossy lips.

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