People use wigs for a variety of reasons, ranging from style and fashion to medical reasons.  It is for this reason that wigs are a major industry across the world today. And when it comes to wigs, one of the most commonly used, and indeed, standard material of choice, is mink Brazilian hair.

For those who are not familiar with this, there are two concepts to be understood here. For one thing, the hair is as its name would suggest, from Brazil. Given that the Brazilian people have the kind of hair suitable for making wigs, they are in high demand across the wig industry. This is, however, not always the case, for Brazilian hair is often only so in name. With the actual source of the same being from other places like South Asia.

The second aspect is with regard to the term ‘mink hair’. In the wig and hair industry, ‘mink hair’ is a term used to describe the nature of the hair and its general quality. The characteristics of the hair being referred to here are the fact that it is ‘virgin’ in nature, or untouched by chemicals or anything else. In other words, it is ‘as it was’, at the time when on its donor.

Coming to the aspect of caring for the same. It should be known that the care and maintenance for mink Brazilian hair is no easy task. It is something that can get complicated if one doesn’t know how to go about with the job.

Given that its essential hair, one should ensure that anything made using mink Brazilian hair, is cared for just like it would have been when taking care of natural hair. In other words, taking care of Brazilian mink hair is no different than it would be, in the case of caring for natural hair.

There are several things that can be done when it comes to hair care and hair maintenance for mink wigs. Some of the most important are given in the list below:


One of the biggest challenges that exist, when it comes to the care and maintenance of Brazilian mink hair, has to do with the way it is washed.

The hair must be washed at least once a week, so as to remove any dust and other such impurities.


Another thing to consider here has to do with combing the hair.

As attractive as it might be to comb the hair roughly, it should be known that this is actual hair, just like in the case of any other person.

It is, therefore, necessary that one brush the hair gently like it would be the case in any other person. The combing should be done using wide-toothed combs, without applying excess pressure or force.

Be Gentle When Handling Wet

One of the most common ways in which the same can get damaged is when the hair is wet.

The presence of moisture can make the hair fairly brittle or soft, in turn making it prone to getting damaged with ease. This problem can be addressed, by handling it gently when wet.

Use Only Mild Chemicals to Wash

Another important thing to consider here is to use mild chemicals for washing the hair.

It is important to note that any chemical that is used to wash the hair be mild. This is because harsher ones while being effective in cleaning the hair, tend to be just as harmful to its structural strength and integrity.

Also to note here is that in order to wash the hair, one is required to be especially careful in doing so. The washing process can be done using mild shampoos or conditioners, gently applied and massaged, before it is rinsed.

Dry the Hair Using Minimal Pressure and Force

If the hair is subjected to the washing of any kind, it should be dried using minimal force and pressure.

The reason for the same is understandable when one takes a look at the previous point. Hair, when wet, tends to be especially vulnerable to damage. What this means is that something as mild as a bit of rough handling during toweling can damage it.

One of the best ways to dry mink Brazilian hair when wet is to apply gentle pressure using an absorbent cloth to remove the water. Likewise, a blow-dryer may also be used, if the same has been placed under the lowest possible speed setting.

Never Let the Hair Remain Wet for Long

Hair, being biodegradable, should never be allowed to remain wet for a long time.

Ensure that you dry the hair as soon as it is washed. The reason for this is because the presence of moisture increases microbial activity, which in turn speeds up the hair’s deterioration process.

Store the Hair in a Dry and Cool Location

Last but not the least; ensure that the hair is stored in a dry and cool location, when not in use.

The reason for this is the same as that of the previous point.  A humid and warm environment is conducive to the growth of microbes, which in turn can steadily deteriorate the quality of the hair.

Also to note here is that the conditions should apply to sunlight as well. The storage of the material in direct sunlight is another thing that must be taken care of as well, for it will negatively affect the quality of the hair in the long run.

Simply put, storing them in a dry and cool location will help to extend their shelf life and longevity.

As a whole, the above-mentioned strategies and tips are some of the most important, when it comes to the maintenance of mink Brazilian hair.

Several other strategies exist as well, but these are by far the most important.