Everyone has had that morning when the alarm goes off and you just cannot shake off that feeling of drowsiness. What’s more frustrating is you did all you should get enough sleep. We all reach out for a cup of coffee when we feel that way, but overdoing it can have some not good effects on you. To some of us, this feeling is always the order of the day.

Wondering why you are always tired in the morning? There are a number of factors that cause morning fatigue like sleeping in a poor environment, practicing poor sleep hygiene just to name a few. Maybe there is a much better way to kick out morning fatigue and wake up feeling rejuvenated? Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

1. Make sure that your bed is comfortable

Part of your morning fatigue may be having joint aches for example backaches. Well, your bed might be a problem. What makes a bed comfortable? Having a comfortable mattress and pillows is the number one characteristic of a comfortable bed.

The majority of people can testify that sleeping on a comfortable mattress and pillows greatly improves their sleep quality. Finding ones that are of good quality is solemnly your choice, depending on the factors you consider when shopping for them.

However, research shows that a medium-firm mattress is the most suitable one. This because it has all the characteristics of making you comfortable while you sleep. It’s firmness ensure that you are well supported when sleeping in any kind of position but still has a top layer that makes sure you are super comfortable. Come to think of it, this kind of mattress has a little bit of everything compared to the ones are primarily lie on having one benefit. A good example is this purple medium foam mattress.

Resting your head on a comfortable pillow is also important. Have a pillow that is not to a firm to strain your neck and not too comfortable to sink your head, therefore not giving your neck the support it needs.

2. Avoid your favorite caffeine-filled drink before bed

You may be used to having your favorite cup of caffeine-filled drink be it chocolate, coffee or tea before bed. What you may not know, is that it is one of the causes of you feeling sluggish in the morning.

Caffeine is a stimulant and its main aim is to keep you alert. So when you ingest it before bed it makes it difficult for you to fall asleep makes it hard for you to sleep continuously until morning and you will be making a number of visits to the bathroom which disrupts your sleep. When the caffeine finally wears off, it leaves you feeling drowsy which is probably in the morning, explaining why you have morning fatigue.

It is therefore advisable that you limit your intake of caffeine during the day and refrain completely from taking it before going to sleep.

3. Steer clear of taking alcohol before going to sleep

Can’t stay without having that glass of wine or beer a few hours before bed? The fact is this is one of the main causes of your morning fatigue. Alcohol is a sedative and one of the main effects of it is to make you feel relaxed and sleepy. While this might help you fall asleep, the bad news is once the relaxing effect falls off; you will have a hard time getting some sleep.

It is likely that you will wake up a number of times. When that happens or you will feel tired the next morning since your brain will have relaxed too much and is not getting back on track quickly. As hard as it may seem, not taking alcohol shortly before going to bed can really help in banishing your morning fatigue.

4. Engage yourself in some simple exercises

When you are sapped by tiredness, the last thing you would want to do is exercise. The truth is engaging yourself in some low-intensity workouts elevates your energy levels. Taking that simple walk or yoga in the morning will leave feeling more energetic. In fact, it’s a much better way to jumpstart your day compared to making a run for that cup of coffee.

5. Eat your breakfast

You are probably one of the many people who do not take having breakfast in the morning into much consideration. For you with that quick cup of coffee, you are good to go. Recent research has shown that skipping this important meal affects your energy levels, your productivity and your attention span in general.

6. Have a glass or two of water

A glass of water does not only leave you feeling alert and hydrated, but it also leaves your digestive system cleared and ready to do its job. It is best that you reach out for a glass of water first thing in the morning.

However, do not take too much as it will not leave room for that full breakfast. Taking a glass or two to clear your head is enough. It is also important to take it early enough before breakfast for it not to mess up with your digestion.

Make it a priority to have a balanced breakfast with a bit of everything from proteins to starch and vitamins. Remember that our bodies are like machines and they need fuel to start working. That fuel is food.

Experts recommend that if you plan to go for a workout, it is best that you have breakfast before and not after. This helps in burning those calories, put those nutrients from the food into use and prevent yourself from having stomach upsets. So that breakfast you keep avoiding because you fear lagging behind in your day to day activities is a great way of getting rid of that morning fatigue.

If your mornings are always accompanied by the feeling of sluggishness and headaches, these are just some simple ways that will make you bid farewell to fatigue and start your feeling energized.