I don’t think so there would be anyone here in Pakistan who haven’t attend any traditional wedding yet. Yes, this is true no one wants to miss the chance to enjoy these events. You must be thinking why do people love to go to Pakistani weddings and it’s not about only the Pakistani people if we take a glance at all the foreigners who know  Pakistani values and traditions they are also in love with these. They dressed up in the same way as the attendees do here. If I would say they feel the honor to be a part of such gatherings, then nothing would be wrong in it.

Well, if we talk about our community, there are numerous reasons people want to enjoy the gathering with their family because despite busy schedules no one has time to be apart of family and friends gathering. Meetups after a long time with distant relatives are only possible at Pakistani weddings. It is one of the best ways to relax from frenzied routine. Check it out the following aspects, and if you were not interested ever in going to any function then after reading this blog you would love to go 😉

Family Meetup

We all are connected to each other via the internet through social media. Maybe we know whats up in their lives or something etc., but the face to face meetup is hard these days. Weddings are an excellent way to interact with cousins and family members after so long. Family meetup wants difficult before, but nowadays technology has made people so lazy, so they prefer to know about even closer relatives over the phone. This is the biggest reason has been come up nowadays to attend weddings.

Fascinating Themes

From Mehndi to Reception every day has a different theme, and if you want to enlighten your mood, then you must go there. If we take a glance at Mehndi theme then yellow fascinates many of you, Barat is full of reddish and vibrant colors, but reception is all about minimal and soft colors. Impressive ideas wouldn’t not only freshen up your mood but keep you alive in these events. Its true, Decoration is done with great care by maintaining the theme and people mood in consideration. You got a chance to dress up yourself as per these prominent themes.

Chance To Wear Fancy Clothes

Might be your closet is full of heavy fancy dresses that are hardly you worn ever more than once. Our Weddings are the right event to dress up yourself in an elegant way with wedding makeup and fancy clothes that were kept in the wardrobe for so long. Nowadays the latest trends are an adaptation of old ones, so people don’t face any trouble with dresses. Well, if the wedding is in the family, then everyone used to be much more conscious of the dressing, and new fancy outfits are essential, but for any friend and colleague’s wedding, we can wear family wedding attires too.

Traditional Dholki

No mehndi event is complete without traditional dholki and songs that are called “Tappay” Yes, dholki is the real fun among families. They relish every song beat. You might have seen “Nani” & “Dadi Ama” are singing beautiful songs over the dholki for memorizing their fun moments as they used to have in their own time. I believe dholki over Mehndi & Mayon is a constant. You cant afford to miss the fun at family or friends wedding that everyone made at dholki. Besties seems to be having more fun at dholki by teasing the bride or groom over every single beat.

Luddi Dance In Pakistani Weddings

It must be somewhere in your vague memories when your elders’ cousins & other family members loved to do a luddi dance in a group. Nowadays there are numerous forms of dance has been swapped that traditional one but its still being revised at many  Pakistani weddings. Rehearsals get started an even a month ago to perform better on the mehndi event. People enjoy the music night and love to appreciate other efforts. Do tell us in the following comment section when you did a luddi dance last time?

A Glimpse of Bride & Groom

A glimpse of bride & groom at Barat is much awaited for everyone. This is common in Pakistani weddings. It is because of the wedding lehenga, the traditional jewelry, Signature makeup and much more. Groom’s sherwani is also in the center of attention of everyone. Bride & Groom is the inspiration for everyone. It’s difficult for everyone to take their eyes off. Taking selfies and after the wedding telling this to your fellows about that bride is the common thing here in Pakistani society, and I believe this is a beauty of our marriages.

Fun-Loving Traditions

Our events are full of traditions, and we can see this from every wedding where different traditions are followed at Mehndi event and Barat. “Doodh Pilai” is the fun-loving tradition that is not to miss for you on that day. Bride & groom family enjoy this tradition, and they use to have lots of fun. Similarly “Joota Chupai” is also a fun tradition that is enjoyable at every wedding. Such fun-loving traditions bring out the joy of these events, and we suggest you not to miss this ever in your life.

Traditional Pakistani Cuisine

If you never enjoyed Pakistani cuisine at the wedding, then you might have missed something amazing. Both families pay attention to the food quality and the menu that has to serve to guests. You would see numerous dishes including BBQ, Biryani, Karahi variations, Sweet Dishes & much more at every event. Taste used to be at its best level. Tantalizing food is in the attention of everyone. The catering company has an important role in managing everything. Majority of people have been seen here at a wedding just for these cuisines. Foreigners who especially attend Pakistani weddings they also know Pakistani food is the key to every traditional event

These are some significant things that won’t let you miss Pakistani weddings. Events are full of fun and trends. If you want to give yourself a break, then these events are the right place. Don’t miss this being a Pakistani especially because we know how much this is important to get close to your families and friends despite busy schedules. 🙂

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