Apart from oxygen, water is the essential element to sustain our lives. We cannot think of a day spent without water. From drinking to daily chores, water is an integral part of our lives. Though water is crucial for sustaining life, water can endanger our lives too if consumed non-potable.

Water which is available everywhere contains different types of impurities by default or sometimes due to severe water pollution. This impure water can bring us fatal result if drunk, or even used for other purposes. The water is generally contaminated with so many substances, including arsenic, cadmium, barium, chromium, ammonia, etc. There can be numerous germs and living microbes in your drinking water too if not treated properly. That’s why it is always important to consume potable water and have safe for use water for any other purposes.

So, here comes the necessity of using a water purifier at home to derive pure and potable water. There are numerous water purifiers available in the market claiming best service and efficiency. So, this demands long research and engaging time to find out the best water purifier to serve your purpose as well as it is budget-friendly. The customer reviews about different water purifier models are available online.

These can help you to understand how much effect these water purifiers work or which purifier can be the best purchase and that too at a reasonable price.

Modern Technology Used In Water Purifiers

As advanced technology has developed soon, water purifying technology has also evolved with time. Back in the old times, we used to use chlorine in the water to clean it and make it drinkable. But later on, it was found that, though the chlorine was able to kill the microbes and other toxic material, the chlorine itself was not friendly to our health. High exposure to chlorine can cause us vomiting, nausea, coma, and even death. So, it had to change the way of purifying water to ensure hazard-free human lives.

As technology evolved with time, the latest technology water purifiers comprised of RO technology. The RO technology can be of two types. One is RO UF technology, and the other one is RO UV technology. The primary physical method used both in the technology is RO Method or the reverse osmosis method.

The RO UF technology is meant to use a semi-permeable membrane. The water is run through the layer, and with the help of the reverse osmosis process, all the toxic material will be trapped within the membrane. And in the case of RO UV technology, a lamp emitting UV rays are present. These UV rays play a significant role in destroying all the microbes, which numerically can be stated as 99.99% within a short period.

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Water purifiers available in the market

There are tons of effective water purifiers available in the market. Aquafresh is one of the leading water purifier currently available in the market. The top best model of water purifier of Aquafresh includes:

R. K. Aqua Fresh India Zx14Stage 15 Liters RO UV UF Mineral Technology Water Purifier

  • A mineral saving technology is available with the help of the TDS adjuster. It ensures that while absorbing toxic material, the beneficial minerals can safely pass through the membrane with water.
  • The technology used here is RO, which can eradicate 80-90% of toxic material.
  • 15 liters storage
  • Five stage purification procedure to ensure the purity of water

Genuine Aquafresh sunflower RO system water purifier

  • The process of purifying water consists of 14 steps to make water safe for use
  • Both RO UV technology and RO UF technology has been introduced here
  • Use of mineral cartage for ensuring the proper mineral percentage in water
  • 75gpd booster imported motor
  • 75gpd USA membrane

Aquafresh RO UV UF TDS Controller 12 LTR water purifier with the candle

  • Capable of purifying water available from all kind of sources
  • Double purification method is introduced here
  • Leak-proof performance has a very stylish design to add beauty to your kitchen decor and has a transparent cover too
  • A purified water level indicator is also available to detect the purification rate
  • TDS controller available for controlling the absorption of the minerals
  • Capable of storing 12 LTR water

Aquafresh also has an Aquafresh customer care toll free number for you to contact them regarding any query about their products.  As the water purifiers need regular RO servicing, they have customer care toll-free number for you to appoint a servicing. Just dialing the provided number and booking an appointment can ensure your servicing of RO system to keep it working smoothly.  The Aquafresh toll-free number is active 24*7 so get5ting in touch with then can be a great help.