In the digital age, it’s common for people to create digital photo albums to show off the images of their most important events. If you’ve recently gotten married, then you’ve probably considered the digital option for your wedding photos. In fact, you’ve probably already created a few online photo albums of your own. 

These are lovely photo-display options, but they’re not the only ones. If you’re looking for more display options for your wedding photos, then take note of the following eight ideas. They include some traditional ideas as well as some fresh new ones.

1. Collage Photo Calendars

Calendars by their nature remind us of important events: birthdays, the winter holidays, and the like. Arguably, your wedding counts as one of the most important events of any year. Many people make custom calendars by that reflect the prior year’s most important events. Why not make your wedding the subject of next year’s calendar? After all, it would be hard to argue that your wedding wasn’t the prior year’s most important event.

2. Make a Canvas Print

Your life together counts as your favorite work of art. Canvas prints of your special day turn one day of your life into an actual work of art. To really make this display stand out, choose some photos that would work well in a series. Make canvas prints from these photos and hang them over your fireplace or up to the wall on your stairwell.

3. Photo Albums

Although digital photo albums have become quite the rage in the digital age, many people still love to keep old-fashioned photo albums. There is something to be said about holding those beautiful memories right in your hands. To make this display really stand out, create a wedding scrapbook, using lovely papers, mementos from your wedding, and other related items to decorate the album’s pages. Or you can also use a service like Tweed Wolf to help you put your creations together.

4. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Weddings mean gifts and gifts mean follow-up thank-you cards. True enough, you can use some store-bought cards to send your ‘thank-yous.’ However, making thank-you cards from your wedding photos sends a much more personalized message.

5. Photo Magnets

If your refrigerator counts as one of your favorite places to display art and sweet notes, then turn it into a backdrop for some of your wedding photos. Nowadays, it’s easy to turn your photos into photo magnets. Create a few photo magnets of your special day. Then, arrange them on your fridge or another metal surface to create a sweet display for your fridge.

6. Photo Gifts

Framed photos count as go-to gifts at Christmas for many families. If your family (and friends) love to exchange photos-as-gifts at holiday time, then this year, frame photos of your wedding for this purpose. You can personalize the photos by choosing frames that fit the recipient, and if some of your wedding photos include the gift’s recipient/s, then choose those photos to frame to give as gifts.

7. Ceramic Tiles

This is an idea that you don’t see every day, making it one of the more unique ones on this list. Choose some of your favorite wedding photos. Then, affix those photos onto some ceramic tiles to create coasters or trivets for your home. Place the coasters on coffee tables around your house and use the trivets to place under hot dishes on the dinner table.

8. Make a Table Runner

Table runners give a table a more polished and decorative look. If you love adding this element to your table decorations during the holidays or for birthdays, then this option also gives you another display option for your wedding photos. Choose some of your favorite wedding shots and have them arranged collage-style on a table runner. Break out this table runner on special occasions to add a special touch.

Final Thoughts

From photo calendars to refrigerator magnets, there are many photo-display options for your wedding pictures. While some of the more traditional options include framing or making photo canvases out of them, these aren’t your only options. Table runners, trivets, and photo magnets count as a few of the other ones. To get the most dramatic and personal effect from your photo-display efforts, choose a variety of formats to keep things visually interesting.