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VogueFreaks- A fashion and fitness blog, where fashion and fitness freaks can find useful stuff to keep their lifestyle vogued up. We take immense pleasure in providing quality content to VogueFreaks readers and facilitate them with beauty, fitness, and fashion advice.

Well, here is good news for all our readers; VogueFreaks is now encouraging you to write and submit your posts to us. Yes, you read it right, your articles can get published now as we believe that with togetherness we grow. So, if you think you can write well and have great tips that can be useful for the vogue community, we welcome you with open arms.


Those who want to write for us and contribute to the world of fashion, go through all the requirements:

  • Need to have knowledge regarding the already existing content on VogueFreaks, therefore we suggest you go through our blog to get an idea regarding the kind of articles that are expected of you.
  • We provide 100% genuine content; make sure you keep up with the quality.
  • VogueFreaks encourages interesting, innovative, and new ideas; those from the relevant field will be highly encouraged to share their personal expert ideas that can prove handy for fashionistas.
  • We acknowledge elegantly composed articles on the most popular and recent fitness and fashion trends from our guest writers.
  • Your post must be new and not available anywhere on the Internet, any such article will not be entertained.

What’s In Guest Post for You?

Many of the talented writers and experts in real life, don’t get a chance to share their expertise and useful knowledge to the community and at large the world. Through this platform, we want to give the opportunity to all such people who want to grow, as we believe in togetherness.

This is a win-win situation for both the parties; we get your quality articles while you get a chance to reach a wider audience of relevant content. Moreover, you can add one back-link to your content or blog.

Guidelines for Guest Post:

Here the rules and a few guidelines, we anticipate you follow in case you want to contribute to our blog in form of guest posts.

1. Length of the Article:

A minimum accepted length of a well-researched article is 700 words, which might exceed up to 1200 words. The content should be engaging which builds the interest of the reader also proficient with the search engine. Ensure that your article satisfies our first prerequisite.

2. Topics:

Before choosing the topic, you must go through our blog. Your article’s topic must never be published anywhere else before. The topic should be relevant to the content of this website, so your efforts go worthwhile and the article could be published on our blog.

All articles with irrelevant topics will be directly rejected and won’t be entertained. We want an exceptional and exclusive article relevant to the below-mentioned categories.

3. Categories:

We have several categories where you can write for us:

  • Fashion
  • Makeup
  • Hair Care
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Décor
  • Fashion News and Events
  • Fashion Trends
  • Skin Care
  • Apparel

Articles on any of the above article would be useful for our blog, make sure your post doesn’t roam around to irrelevant stuff and sticks to the point of helping those out who are in need of handy and useful content.

4. Correctly Written

The language and tone of the article must be friendly and the purpose should be to enhance the understanding of the topic to the readers. It must be grammatically correct with the correct use of punctuation.

Try to use headings and sub-headings, to make it more SEO-friendly write keyword/phrase based articles. Make your article easy to read, it must be in paragraphs whose length must not be three-four lines.

5. Plagiarism-Free

We don’t encourage spam or copied work, therefore maintaining the authenticity of our blog we advise you to write your own words. Any plagiarized article would be rejected right away and never published on our website.

6. High-Quality Pictures

Your submission must include a minimum of two high-quality unique pictures. The added pictures must be original and of good quality and relevant to your topic.

Dont’s of Guest-Posting

Here are a few things you need to avoid for the guest-posting:

  • The article submitted here once, won’t be shared anywhere by you as we will preserve the copyrights.
  • Do not add external links that are referring to commercial sites, Gambling, Casino, Vape or CBD, etc.
  • Make sure you do not ignore the pattern of already published articles, follow them as it will maintain the established rhythm.
  • Only keyword-based articles will be accepted, otherwise, they will be rejected.
  • Plagiarized and irrelevant content will not be entertained.

How to Submit:

Now that you are well aware of all the requirements and wish to be a part of our blog. Here is what you’ll have to do for publication.

Fill the below form with the subject of “Guest Post Submission on Vogue Freaks”. Once we receive your email, our team will respond back to you within a week.

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