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Voguefreaks is a pure US fashion blog for fashion gimmicks. A world of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness to keep your healthy wealthy and in vogue. We believe in quality writing and user oriented approach towards our blog. That is why our writers and editors are working day and night to ensure a good experience for our readers.

We have opened our blog for fashion niche specific bloggers who are looking to contribute their content to websites. Our website is open for all guest-posting opportunities that will help this blog cater more audience. This writing will help you expand your portfolio in our fast growing fashion community.

Who Can Write for Us?

You have creative writing abilities and you are a fashion blogger? Well you are more than welcome to share your content with us. However, we have a very tough selection criterion for guest post submission on our blog.

One thing that authors/bloggers reaching us out should understand. It is that we do not publish articles, which are copied. Secondly, general fashion content is not acceptable. There needs to be a professional and niche tone to it. Lastly, it has to be fully SEO optimized. Otherwise, it is a BIG NO from us.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • Pitching Guest Post idea: First, you should present us with the list of more than 5 topics that are trending in the fashion world or google news with your past portfolio on other fashion blog.
  • Unique and Creative Content: Keep in your mind before sending us your article that it should not have a single word of it plagiarized. All articles before publishing are copyscaped. If we find any plagiarism. We will not entertain you any further.
  • Topic Niche: Anything, which falls under the following categories or related to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness. It is working for us.
  • Ideal Word count: There is a suggested word count of 800-2000 words. But there is no rule of thumb here. Content should just be user friendly.
  • SEO title & Description: Once we approve your article topic. Send us a topic with SEO title and meta description along with it too.
  • Keyword Optimization: Make sure you send your focus and variable keywords used in the article along with US based search volume and competition.
  • Reference links: Outbound links should be added but to authority related sites only.
  • Internal Links: Internal link atleast 3 voguefreaks existing articles in your content.
  • Formatting: Use heading and subheading in your content to structure your content properly.
  • Images/Rich Media: You are more than welcome to add images/rich media in your article but do provides their sources.
  • Paragraphs: Try keeping your paragraphs as short as possible. Maximum paragraph sentences should contain 3-4 lines.

How to Submit:

It is very simple. Just Contact us with a subject of Guest Post Submission Voguefreaks.com. In body you can pitch your guest post submission idea which we explained previously. Lastly you can add your author bio in the end.

All queries standard response time will be 2-3 days.

Note: Submission Does NOT GURANTEE Publication.

Please fill out the form below. We will be in touch ASAP.