With the arrival of summer, girls start to get confused as to what they should do with their hair because being in the heat with a lot of hair regardless of what length they are. Some people try to get short hair for summers but when people have hair that may be too long or when girls are not able to grow out their hair that easily.

For summers, there is a need to have you hair managed properly so that you do not end up dying from the heat and the lack of hair and this is when you need to know how to deal with your hair.

You do not need to have short hair to survive summers. There are a lot of things that you can do to your hair to deal with the scorching heat of the hottest months of the year.

Trendy Hairstyles for Summers

You have a lot of hairstyles that you could try for the summers and every single one of them is trendier that the one mentioned after that.

Scroll through this blog and get to know what is there for you to do to your hair and how is it to be done.

Trendy Pony Tails for Summers

One of the best things which could be done to your hair is to tie them all up in a high pony tail. What you basically do is that, you gather up all your hair on the crown of your head with a hair tie.

A way through which you can style your simple pony tail is by wrapping a strand of your hair around your pony tail over your hair tie and then secure it with a bob pin.

There are a lot of things that you can actually do to make your pony tail more stylish.

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In both the pictures you can see the pony tail with a twist. There is a simple braid in one picture and fishtail braid in the other. It gives your simple pony tail a stylish and bohemian touch that is a part of the latest summer hairstyle trends.

Latest Trendy Buns for Summers 2018

Another thing for you to remember is that the hot and humid weather of our country makes it hard for the hair to behave and you end up having a fizzy mess over your head. Styling would definitely not work well in summers. Instead of blow drying your hair, curling them or straightening them, go for something easier.

Being in such a situation calls out for a safe go to hair style, which is this case, is a bun. The buns you style your hair in could be of any kind. It could be sleek, messy, low, high with whatever style. It is a trend for summer, not just this year, but something forever.

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You could tie half your hair up in a bun, with your hair in a French braid from the front. This would give you a stylishly bohemian look which is perfect hairstyle for the summers 2018.
You could add a donut in your hair. Tie your hair up in a sleek bun, and pull on a few strands to make it a bit messy but not messy all the way. Tying a scarf around your bun or wear any some kind of accessory around your head to further styles your look.

Buns with braids are the trends for this summer. There are two different looks with braid and buns in the pictures. A French braid started from the front of your till the back and the hair tied up in a knot at the side of your head looks messy and stylish.

Then in the second picture, a more sleek and decent look for a messy bun is shown. Start braiding your hair from the nape of your neck till the crown of your head. Tie a pony tail and complete your look by roughly twisting your hair around the pony tail and secure it with bobby pins.

Braids for Summers 2018

The braids are the easiest and the trendiest look to go for this summer. You can do a simple 3 strand braid, 4 or 5, its totally up to you. Fishtails are in fashion all the time regardless of what season or time of the year it is.

Dutch braids and French braids are a go to for all seasons as well. You can incorporate more braids in one look.

You could go for French braided bands in the front of your hair and then have all your hair tied in a simple or a trendier braid. A high pony tail could also be braided all the way till the tip of your hair which gives you a softer, school girl kind of look.

Following the trends, you could just not go through the summers, but rock this Eid as well. Pick one hair style that would go with your Eid outfit and the setting you are going to be in.

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