Not so long ago, the word “nerd” used to be considered rude and derogatory. Nowadays, a nerd is anyone who belongs to a fandom or has a passion for a specific topic. We all have that one nerd in our lives and if you don’t have the same hobbies or passions your nerd does, they can be real trouble picking gifts for. Luckily, this doesn’t always have to be the case because there are some perfect gift ideas for nerds. Listed below are the five gifts every nerd will geek out over.

D&D dice set

If there’s one thing every nerd loves is the classic game of Dungeons & Dragons, often referred to as just D&D. In fact, it’s one of those things that define a nerd and getting your friend a D&D dice set is an amazing idea. These little things aren’t just something they’ll use when they play. No, these little things look awesome and they’ll carry them around wherever they go. Just think about it, how likely you are to find a gift that’s cooler than a set of dices with even up to twenty sides? They’re usually not too expensive and make a perfect last-minute gift for your nerdy friend.

Sci-Fi book

There’s no doubt books make perfect gifts. You’ll rarely see a person throw away or sell a book they got from someone, especially if they’re a nerd. Geeks enjoy reading and getting them one of these is something you just can’t go wrong with. Books are also one of the most thoughtful gifts as they show you’ve put some time and effort into searching for something they’ll like. But what type of books nerds love? Sci-Fi is a genre that’s guaranteed to do the trick but you can also go for epic fantasy or horror. Check if your friend is on Goodreads as it might help you find the perfect book for them.

Gaming headset

Let’s face it – nerds LOVE playing video games. You’ve probably noticed that when they talk to you they often refer things to World of Warcraft and other popular video games. Getting them an actual video game can be tricky. Do they have it already? Did they play the original version and didn’t like it? You can never be sure you’re picking the right thing which is why getting them a quality gaming headset makes much more sense. No matter what kind of games they play, a headset like this will help them concentrate and achieve better results.

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Custom T-shirt

Nerds don’t just love geeky stuff, they also enjoy being a geek. This means that you’ll often find them brag about how geeky they are and there’s hardly a better way to help them than to get them a custom T-shirt. Find out what they’re super into and come up with a T-shirt design they’ll love. Are they into a TV show like Game of Thrones? Star Wars? Or something else? Just take a look at their social media feed and chances are they’ve posted A LOT about their favorite movie, TV show, or video game. Look up T-shirt designs online for some ideas and you might be able to craft a perfect gift for your friend.

iPad Clutch

Keeping their technology safe is extremely important for nerds. Don’t be surprised to see them keep some of their gadgets and gizmos in their original packages and only using them on special occasions. This makes getting them an iPad clutch a perfect idea. This little thing can help them keep their iPad safe and still provide them with some extra space to keep things such as pens and their charger. You can either opt for a regular clutch or try to make a custom one just like with the T-shirt gift idea. Make sure you know the exact model your friend has before you make a purchase.

One thing you’ll find out when buying a gift for a nerd in your life is that they really love things their passionate about. They don’t care about other people not enjoying the same stuff they do which is exactly why getting them a perfect gift can be a lot of fun. Opt for one of the five things covered in this post and watch them geek out over it like they’ve never geeked out over something before.