Keep on reading if you want to know what are the latest Eid trends for girls 2019.

You must be seeing all these different dresses and designs with pleats, without pleats, frocks, kurtas and what not.

Frock Styles for Girls

Some basic things that you need to look out for this eid are:

  • Peplum frocks
  • Short umbrella frocks
  • Kurtas
  • Stylish kurtis
  • Simple short A Symmetrical frocks

Peplum frock is a short frock that may or may not have a joining in the center, and there may also be pleats on the upper part of the frock. The basic length used is 32 inches, but it can be changed according to preference.

The short umbrella frocks are made just like a longer umbrella frock but the Trend for girls this eid is to have the entire umbrella as their basic frock, without joining other pieces of cloth or pleats. The length goes the same, 32 inches or as preferred.

Symmetrical or A-line frocks are also a design that is known by almost every single Pakistani girl and there is like nothing new to it. It’s just that a different length is being used, which is quite short as compared to what was used for these frocks in the beginning.

The necklines or the neck designs are not being given that much hype this season. A simple boat neck, that is a lot less deep and wider than the regular designs is trendy.

Sleeve designs for Eid 2019

Then, we have sleeves and the designs that are coming with the season making them a trend for girls this eid.

The different sleeves that are in fashion are:

  • Bells
  • Bow Ties
  • Buttoned Sleeves

The simply fitted sleeves are not something that is to be worn for the Eid 2019. You need to think better than that.

Bell Sleeves are pretty umbrella cut sleeves that are of different length. They may be long or short. The initial length of the bell is not defined as well. It could be both, long or short, with or without pleats, loose or tight. The bell could be of the cloth the same the shirt itself, or of the net, embroidered or plain.

The Bow Tie sleeves are just like the trousers that were in fashion last year for eid, but following the latest trends for eid 2019, the sleeves are to be tied at the end.

Buttoned Sleeve is a random name given to the style of sleeves that has a row of buttons for about eight to ten inches at the very least. These sleeves are fitted, and the look cannot be carried on a sleeve that is too loose or not properly made.

Latest Pant Trends For Girls This Eid

People have not worn this stuff for over the past decade. It is something quite old and worn by the people who are in their 20’s back when they were kids. The trendiest pants to be worn for the eid 2019 are:

  • Boot Cut Pants
  • Gharara Pants
  • Box Pleat Pants
  • Bell Bottom Pants

The boot cut pants are quite graceful and well shaped if worn correctly. They are simple trouser kind of pants, but they are somehow shaped differently. They are tight fitted till about the middle of the thigh, and then they fall in an A shape but then again its the kind of pant that people wear boots with so it is supposed to be feminine but not girly, as it is more graceful than pretty.

The gharara pants are nothing like the traditional ghararas made in the past. These are based on a similar cut but with much fewer pleats which gives them a more formal and decent look as opposed to the ghararas that were worn in weddings only.

The box pleat pants look a lot like the ghagra pants. These are made with box pleats. No two pieces of cloth is stitched together. Just the look is something resembling the ghagra pants.

Out of the pants mentioned above, these are the ones of the simpler kind. For making them, you need to have a single piece of cloth cut into the shape you want without pleats or anything like that.

Dupattas are not the trendiest piece of clothing for the eid 2019 but since its eid, and we are in Pakistan, why not try and bring the elegant thing back. A long net dupatta that stops almost before reaching the floor can never go wrong.

So, following the latest trends for girls this eid, keep your style, fashion statement, and charm above all others and carry yourself with grace and style.